Our Guideline

‘Hope for Helpless’ (HFH) is a Community based, Non denominational, Non Profit Organisation, founded in 2008 by Isaac Sebuwufu Lule with the aim of uplifting a social status of vulnerable groups that include AIDS orphans, street kids, disadvantaged and underprivileged children, widows, youth and the disabled. HFH realized a great need which is existing among the vulnerable groups in terms of food, medication, education, sanitation, sensitisation, shelter and clothing.

Through research operations of HFH like interviewing and giving out questionnaires in the community, we realized that there is a lot of pain and hunger as a result of AIDS, mistreatment of the orphans and civil wars in different societies.

The project is located in Kawempe, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda, well known for its two biggest slums – Kalerwe and Bwaise – with high crime rates and violence. Kawempe is known as the centre of rural-urban migrants with bigger families looking for food, good education, medical services and improved standards of living hence being the most populated suburb of Kampala.

Thematic Focus

We put more emphasis on the street children, disadvantaged children, homeless and unemployed youth. The organization caters for boys, girls, both disabled and disadvantaged, maximizing on building their abilities as well as different talents through education, sports, music and workshops.


HFH provides school fees for the children, food, medication, clothes and scholar stick material. The project has a home for the homeless children. It as well offers private lessons to slow learning children, art and craft lessons, which crafts can be sold to generate an income for financing the project. We also have a tree house that acts as a centre for all the children in the project.

Future Plans

The founder of the project does brick laying and sugar production which has enabled him to provide school fees and shelter for the members of the project. HFH also gets food being given to us by farmers in form of contribution to the project.

Now we intend to expand on our infrastructures to enable us to provide support to more children. We as well plan to expand our focus on environmental issues, with whose steady productions we can have a constant income in the future.

HFH intends to network with more other organizations to enable our children develop skills in various fields of work in order to help them become self reliant in future.