Membership is open to all persons, churches and organizations within and outside Uganda. A person or organization receives recognition as a full member in the form of a little attention and the latest information from Uganda!

From a club membership there are no further arising obligations!

At the founding meeting on 07.12.2012 a monthly membership fee of 15 € was decided as recommended. Using these 15 € you allow a child of our project:

  • to be able to go to school every day (school fees, school uniforms and scholar stick material must be paid for),
  • to get enough and varied food every day.
  • to get sufficient medical care.

If you want to become a sponsor member, please fill in our donation declaration and send it back to the given address!


Of course, any time donations are gladly accepted to support the activities of the project.

To the following account donations can be transferred:

Beneficiary: Hope for Helpless e.V.
Bank: Westerwald Bank
IBAN: DE77573918000008517800

Thank you for your support!